Gregory Schell
The Far Shore director

Gregory Schell is a graduate from UCSB and San Francisco State’s Film School: “I’ve been decidedly obsessive about surfing since the eighth grade. I remember seeing Surfer Magazine for the first time in my friend’s kitchen in the Santa Monica Canyon. I was thirteen-years-old and was attending Crossroads Junior High, not far from the beach breaks of Santa Monica and Topanga Point. Ever since that moment, surfing has been a part of my cosmology.

Later on, sometime in the ‘90s, I was at a party in Laguna Beach, which happened to be held at Craig Peterson’s beach house. I remember seeing Craig’s photos on the wall and recalling some of the same images from the tattered pages of my own Surfer Magazine collection. Shortly thereafter, I met Craig and Kevin, read all of their articles, and began envisioning a movie version of their story. It took another six years and graduate film school to actually realize my idea, and The Far Shore is the result.”

Kevin Naughton
1972: surfboard, backpack, compass and several months supply of surf wax was all I had to my name, and that was plenty. It was a time when all I wanted out of life was to hit the road and go as far as I could for as long as I could in search of elusive waves. We were on the intrepid surf trail for months on end, and thanks to a series of articles in SURFER, that trail extended into a decade of travel. 2002: filmmaker Greg Schell picks up the trail in 'The Far Shore'. Reliving the journeys through my old 8mm movie footage and Craig's pics was a trip in itself. Then adding the interviews and the original sounds was like packing all the right stuff for an epic surf adventure. For me, 'The Far Shore' shows that as long as you have a feel for the road in life, you've still got plenty.

Craig Peterson
What a blast! Both in searching the world for waves, and seeing 'The Far Shore' come together. Kevin and I are always amazed when people remember the stories in SURFER, so Greg's idea of putting a decade's worth of surf travels into a film sounded like a worthwhile journey of its own. The best part was looking through the photos and super 8 footage, flashing on what it was like being on the road all that time...hunting for surf...the thrill of discovery...watching Kevin get eaten by army ants, the whole experience. This surf-travel-adventure spirit is what we tried to capture in our articles and in Greg's film.

Dave Clark
Founder of the Tavarua surf camp in Fiji.

John 'Doc' Ewing
A long time surfer/friend of the duo who joined the crew down in El Salvador for teeth shattering cold beers and lots of laughs.

Paul Holmes
Former Surfer editor who recounts his dealings with publishing the stories of the legendary wave at Petacalco, Mexico.

An ex-pat La Libertad local who shared his wisdom about this mystical and often misunderstood Central American pointbreak.

Bill Nichols
A film/sociology professor who lends his unique brand of philosophical observations throughout the film.

Dan Pelsinger

Longtime surfer/friend of the duo who spent countless hours combing the beaches of France and Spain.

Bob Rotherham
Ex-patriot American, living permanently in El Salvador, recounts stories of Petacalco.

Tito Rosemberg
Legendary Brazilian explorer who toured Morocco and the Sahara with Craig and Kevin.

Rabbi Nachum Schifren
Eccentric surf enthusiast who remembers the beauty and often-horrific waves at Petacalco during the ‘70s.

Neil Stebbins
Surf journalist extraordinaire.

Juan Sverko
One of the original gringos down in El Salvador in the '70s, and narrator of the film.

Pat Tobin
Petacalco maestro who shot the majority of the Super 8 footage of Peta that appears in the film.

Chuck Walters
A fellow the duo met on the road in Central America recounts his wild tales of driving the VW microbus in Costa Rica.

• The Mother Hips - 'Rich Little Girl'
• Tim Bluhm - 'Soft Adventure'
• Continental - 'Oxbow', 'Larkspur', 'Plankton', 'Danger on the Congo'
• Government Grown - 'Tiger’s Eye'
• Brideprimer - 'Push Me', 'Shaken'
• Blyndsyde - 'Neptune’s Water'
• Fog City - 'Far Out', 'Martin’s Opus', 'Free Ride'
• Moontrane Conductors - 'Africa theme', 'In Nowhere', 'SharkTheme'
• Abojambo - 'Super Ate Africa'
• Lance McKnight - 'Give it back', 'Ain’t No Time'
• Hugh McGettigan - 'Ireland Theme'

• Cover design and artwork - Lance McKnight
• Animation - John Perri
• Photographers - Craig Peterson, Kevin Naughton, Gregory Schell, Greg Huglin, Daniel Gorrell, Robin McLeod

Special Thanks - Todd Walsh, Casey Koechley, Luke Guidici, Christian Routzen, Mike Massing, John Perri